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Mortgage Refinance

Reduce Repayments and lower your overall interest rates fast with mortgage refinance

Mortgage Refinancing

Reduce Repayments fast with mortgage refinance

Are you unhappy with the interest rate on your current home loans? Would you like to reduce your repayments or pay down your mortgage faster?

If the above describes your current situation then you are potential candidate for mortgage refinance.

Mortgage refinance is the process of paying off your existing home loan (and other high interest debts if you have them) and replacing them with one, lower interest home loan.

The benefits of mortgage refinance can be significant.

  • You may be able to achieve a lower interest rate or a loan on more favourable loan terms
  • A reduction of your current monthly repayments..
  • Consolidating high interest credit card and personal loan debts into a lower rate mortgage
  • Finance offered on more flexible terms, such as being able to draw down on your equity for personal expenses or renovations

Even a minor rate reduction (as little as .05% p.a.) can literally save you thousands over the life of your loan. Given that the federal government has introduced legislation restricting exit fees on most home loans, there is no reason not to call us to find out how you can get a better deal.

Get a free mortgage refinance quote.

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