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Debt Consolidation Home Loans

Reduce your repayments and get in control of your debt. Discover how you can do this with a debt consolidation home loan

Cut Your Repayments and Save Thousands by Consolidating Your Unsecured Debts into your Home Loan

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A Debt Consolidation Home Loan is simply a mortgage that allows you to take advantage of lower interest rates on property finance to consolidate high interest unsecured debts into your mortgage. This means you have one repayment, one creditor and usually a much lower interest rate too.

If you have an existing mortgage, a car loan, personal loan or credit cards (or any combination of those loan types) then a debt consolidation home loan may be an option to help get you back in control of your debts.

The key benefit of a debt consolidation home loan is that the interest rates on mortgages are typically much lower than interest rates on unsecured debts such as credit card & personal loans. This means you can usually either reduce your repayments or start paying down your debt at a faster rate. The difference in interest rates can also potentially save you thosuands of dollars.

Key Benefits

  • Only one payment with one creditor
  • Reduce repayments fast or get out of debt faster
  • You can potentially save thousands in interest over the life of your home loan

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