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Bad Credit Home Loans

No matter how bad your credit rating is, talk to Bad Credit Home Loans for a free consultation to discover what options are available and find out if you can get a better deal

Been Declined? Struggling to Pay Your Bills? Need to Reduce Your Repayments?

Talk to a Consultant today for a free consultation to discover your options to get a lower rate and take back control of your finances.

Bad Credit Home Loans offers a range of low cost home loan solutions to assist you regardless of your credit history.

Do you have credit card debt? Have you defaulted on your existing home loan? Are you falling behind in your repayments?

Bad Credit Home Loans has a range of financial options that can assist you to:

  • Consolidate your debt
  • Reduce your repayments
  • Help you reduce your stress levels

Bad Credit Home Loans are sometimes also referred to as non-conforming loans or credit impaired home loans. This means that borrowers are unlikely to fit into the standard set of requirements mainstream banks have in place to qualify you for a loan.

Bad Credit Home Loans are typically for borrowers that may have:

  • already been rejected by a bank or other lender
  • defaults or missed payments on their home loan
  • credit card or personal loan default or arrears
  • business owner / self employed or have irregular income
  • People finding it difficult to obtain a consolidation loan

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